Disability Awareness Collection:
> Kids Just Want to Have Fun
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Disability Awareness Collection
> Kids Just Want to Have Fun
> What’s the Difference?

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Disability Awareness Collection:
Kids Just Want to Have Fun

• Includes: 8-minute Video & 48-page Activity Guide
• Produced by: Mercury Productions © 1998; Teacher’s Toolbox © 2002
• For: Teachers, parents and children, PreK - 4th grade
• Price: $129 plus shipping & handling

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Promote Acceptance of Children with Disabilities
Kids with physical differences, like all kids, just want to have fun! This upbeat, thought-provoking video breaks down stereotypes about children with physical differences and promotes discussion between children, teachers and parents.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun shows:
Engaging interviews with children who talk openly about their lives and their physical differences

Young children enjoying all types of activities including kayaking, swimming, gymnastics, bull riding and skiing.

The importance of friendships between children of all abilities.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun Activity Guide
A Teacher’s Toolbox exclusive!

25 activities help build acceptance of children with physical disabilities and help teachers prepare the classroom for their inclusion — a fantastic resource to expand disability awareness curricula.

Samples from the Activity Guide:

Kids Just Want to Have Fun — Video Clips

The video clips are stored as Windows Media and require the Windows Media Player for playback. Each video clip is available in two sizes: choose the larger size if you have a fast internet connection, choose the smaller one if you have a dial-up connection. If you have any problems viewing the video clips, please call us at 1-866-811-8665 and we’ll work out another arrangement for you to preview the programs.



video clip photo of teacher talking
All kids are good at different things
(1.1M) or (2.2M)

Kids are different in some ways
(1.1M) or (2.3M)
video clip photo of teacher talking
Kids with differences can do all kinds of stuff
733k) or (1.6M)
video clip photo of teacher talking
All kids like to have friends
894k) or (1.6M)

Kids just want to be treated
like kids
(1.1M) or (2.1M)



Disability World: Issue 9, July-August 2001. Reviewed by Barbara Kolucki

“Kids Just Want to Have Fun – is fun! It is a delightful seven minute video that is basically a lot of great visuals of kids with disabilities - together with a lot of great comments from the kids themselves…” read full review >


• Best of Category - Under 20 minutes - Picture this...Festival 2001
• Best of Festival Award - Superfest - 2001
• Golden Reel Award - International Television Association -1999
• Communicator Award - 1999